Guide To Owning A Mobile Business

Today, the pace of business has become faster than ever. 

Companies that find success are those that are able to adapt to the different challenges and evolving needs of the customer. But what should be done when the customer base wants a product or services but they are geographically displaced?

Technology has made it easier for people and businesses to connect, but what about the sectors that need to provide their products instantly to their customers, like food and services? 

This is the point that mobile businesses step in.

When you are assessing businesses for sale, the last thing that comes to your head is a mobile truck or van, but there are a number of advantages you can expect to get when you have your operation where it is needed the most. 

The three biggest benefits you can expect to get from having a business that does deliveries are:

  • More personality (equals more profits)
  • Added flexibility (equals more time off)
  • Established success (equals an existing customer base)
  • Less Overheads
  • Added opportunity

1 – More personality & profits

Research done by the Nationwide Caterers Association showed that mobile business can lead to more work and this results in an increase in profits. 

Why is this the case? 

It is because these businesses carve out a niche, and there is also a good chance of them going to special events where they are able to get a lot of customers. 

One area that is seeing a rise in popularity is vintage vehicles because they are attracting a lot of customers. While the general maintenance cost of such vehicles tends to be a little high, it gives your business the chance of having a unique identity, which can help it succeed in the long run.

2. Added flexibility & time off

By the nature of their business, mobile business owners tend to have an increase in professional freedom. Along with the ability to put a variable degree of effort into the way they manage their time. 

Mobile also provides entrepreneurs with some degree of flexibility. This gives them the chance of expanding and contracting their operations however they wish.

Which means you can work when and where you want. And schedule time off to suit your needs too. 

This is reinforced by air conditioning expert Karl Ammoun, who explains “mobile services bring all the benefits of a regular service without the hassle of leaving your home. This is one of the reasons that trade services are booming, as are many other types of mobile businesses.”

You’re always in charge.

3. Established success & an existing customer base

One benefit you can expect when you take over a business for sale is the fast there is a customer base and a model for success that is already up and running. 

This is also the case with mobile businesses, but if anything, they provide you with development opportunities beyond a brick and mortar business.

As we touched on, you can identify a niche that needs to be serviced. Then, it is simple to hit the road and get more profit by expanding your service area and market.

While you are not guaranteed success in any type of business, when you choose to go with a mobile business, you are getting access to a new customer base and a way to access them instantly. 

This means you can increase the viability of your mobile business going forward – and that’s great for your bottom line.

4. Less Overheads

The beauty of working out of a mobile vehicle means you have way less overheads, imagine not having to pay for rent, professional cleaners and bills. Plumber Paul Jennings from Your Brisbane Plumber loves that the majority of his employees work out of vans. “It creates a sense of efficiency when you can bring your “office” with you, my employees are never without their tools when they go to jobs so they are always prepared and on time”.

5. Added Opportunity

Finally, perhaps the most lucrative aspect of owning a mobile business is the added opportunities it will provide to you. Freight forwarder Paul, who relies on transport-based jobs says his employees spend most of their time working out of the trucks which make him money transporting big loads. This incredible opportunity allows Paul to get the best value for money on his investment.

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