Quick Guide: The Most Affordable SEO and How To Do It

I’ve been asked what the lost affordable SEO is that you can do.

The most affordable SEO strategies are those that involve you undertaking activities yourself, on your own website, as part of your business activities. This constitutes what we can call “Natural SEO”. You don’t have to be an SEO expert to do this. Think about this process:

  1. A potential customer asks you a question about your service or product.  It’s a great question and you realise that it’s a question that is often asked, and so you decide to write a blog post about it.
  2. You write the post and it’s about 1000 words long.  You load it to your blog.
  3. It talks about the service or product, so you link the product name in the post to your product page (or service page).
  4. Your post mentions many benefits of the product, so you create a nice graphic of that benefit list, which summarises them. You save that graphics as “benefits-of-using-product-name.jpg” and embed it into your post.  It makes the post look better and you like the graphic, so you also post it to your Instagram account and to your Pinterest account.   Other people like it so they repost on those channels.
  5. You really like your post so you mention it on your Facebook page, and also your Twitter page.   Other people like your social media post so they repost it.
  6. Someone else writing on a very popular website about your industry loves your post and links to it from an article they are writing on their own website. They also post their article to their social media.
  7. At the bottom of your blog post someone asks a question in the comments about the product.  You decide the best way to answer that is to grab your phone and film the product while you answer the question.  You post the video to your YouTube account and in the video description put a link to the product page.  You also embed the video into the bottom of the blog post.

You quite enjoyed putting that info together.  What you have also done is to undertake an SEO strategy for that product:

  1. You created a blog post which expanded your website, grew your keyword pool and linked to your product page
  2. Your post is linked to from other powerful websites
  3. You gained links from YouTube and other social media channels which are also reposted through those networks.
  4. Your excellent graphic is used by other websites who reference and link to your website as the source. The same goes for your YouTube video.

All of this drives authority through to your product page either directly, or via the blog post.

​​​​​​​Do a lot of this and your entire website starts to gain authority, your rankings improve and your traffic increases.  That’s Natural SEO.

Reproduced with permission from https://websitestrategies.com.au/the-most-affordable-seo-and-how-to-do-it/

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