5 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From Bike Racks

Bike racks are now required on every type of business. Biking to and from work, school, or university is fast becoming the preferred method of transportation. 

For employees, bicycle parking at workplaces is a must-have product.

With more and more people taking to the roads on bikes to get them from A to B, it is only logical to give your employees somewhere safe and secure to store their bikes until they’re next needed. 

So, if you are in charge investing in a bicycle rack is undoubtedly a good move for your business.

Here are 5 reasons why.

Bicycle parking is more cost-effective, allowing an increased number of people to use a business, resulting in greater economic benefits resulting in higher visitation and trade.

This is even the case when automobile parking is closed as long as some of the bicycle parking is used, it provides higher profits to local businesses in a given area.

Various studies done by Lee and March (2007) demonstrate this. For example, a shopping centre in Lygon Street Carlton discovered that converting one automobile space to a bicycle station generated 3.6 times more expenditure in local businesses.

Cycling can provide immediate advantages to employers in terms of reduced absenteeism and enhanced alertness and performance.

In addition it leads to an increase in individuals’s mental health as well the physical.

Cycling to work has further advantages in today’s epidemic. It allows you to get outside air right away and maintain social distancing versus taking public transportation or carpooling.

60% of all road based emissions come from cars in Australia. By reducing the number of automobile trips, increasing cycling through the provision of bicycle parking has environmental benefits.

As the world moves toward sustainable alternatives in all aspects of daily life, more businesses are opting to incorporate and communicate environmental-friendliness ideals in their branding.

Providing bicycle parking establishes your brand as a bike-friendly business and is an “advantageous trend that appeals to a large number of clients” says Sydney Maintenance Group.

On the whole, bicycle parking takes up a relatively little amount of space and may be provided in locations where other transport activities are prohibited.

Bicycle parking can save money by reducing the amount of automobile parking that is needed.

This can result in significant savings, particularly where property values are high, through a reduction in the amount of vehicle parking required.

Even where this is not the case, the construction costs associated with car parking are significant, especially where multi-level facilities are required.

An employee from Bella Air Cooling supports this. If you are able to replace existing automobile parking with more space efficient bicycle parking, you will be able to add more space for the building’s primary purpose.

As bicycle usage rises, businesses that provide high-quality bicycle parking will undoubtedly appeal to high-value tenants who are prepared to pay a premium in order to offer their workers a workplace that meets their demands.

As a result, for a modest expenditure on bicycle infrastructure, rental yields and capital growth may be enhanced.

“Bike ammenities make a building look more inviting and appeals to more guests” says building expert Crown Solid Plaster.

This is evident in the number of buildings within our major cities’ CBDs that have subsequently added bicycle parking and end-of-trip amenities to assist and preserve their market position.

Designing bicycle parking as a fundamental component of a building or location rather than an add-on offers the greatest potential for achieving maximum value for money.

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