6 Advantages of Going Solar

1. It’s a Renewable Source

Solar energy is truly renewable. As long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, we can use solar panels to generate electricity every day. Solar energy, according to scientists, will be available for the next 5 billion years, hence considered the best source of renewable energy today.  The best thing about solar energy is that it is available for all. It thus cannot be depleted for as long as we have the sun. 

Environmentalist Jayesh notes solar energy is 100% renewable and produces zero pollution when generating energy. It’s cheaper for you and so much better for the environment.

2. Lower Electricity Bills 

Tom at Castle Supplies tells us that, “With solar panels installed on your house, you can use the energy generated to power various applications in the house. This means your dependence on grid electricity will be reduced significantly, which again translates to lower electricity bills.” 

You can also have your solar energy system connected to the grid, whereby any excess energy is transmitted to other users. This can see your electricity bill drop to the negatives, or even get paid for the surplus energy generated. How much you can save on electricity however depends on the size of your solar system, and how much energy it can produce in a day. 

3. Can Be Used For Various Purposes

The electricity generated by your solar panels (photovoltaics) can be used to power various applications in your home and business as well. You can also use the same to generate heat (solar thermal) which can be used to keep your home warm, or even provide ready hot water for all to use, among other uses. Solar panels have long been used to power applications away from the grid, and satellites in space.  Transparent solar energy windows can also be used in offices and homes to generate even more energy. 

4. Relatively Low Maintenance Costs

The team at Northern Rivers Demolition say’s, “It is relatively easy to maintain a solar energy system. All that is required is to keep the solar panels clean, with just a few cleanups needed for a year. You can also use the services of a professional cleaner if afraid of heights, or unsure of what to do.

Most cleaning companies will only charge around £30 for the service.  The best part with investing in a solar system is that they last relatively long, with most manufacturers offering more than 20 years in service guarantee. With no movable parts, a well-maintained solar system can last several decades before a replacement is required. The inverter is the only part that might need to be replaced after around 7 years.  This is because the inverter is always at work converting the load into electricity and heat. You also need to check to ensure the cables are in the best condition possible for maximum efficiency. 

5. Advances in Technology

Solar panels, thanks to advancements in technology, have evolved significantly over the past few decades. Innovations in nanotechnology and quantum physics have made solar panels more effective, doubling and even tripling their efficiency.

6. Maximum Energy Production At Peak Hours

Our energy demands tend to be higher during midday and towards the end of the day. Most energy companies charge higher rates during these times too. It is also at this time that solar panels are at their peak of generating electricity. Bathurst painter Albert tells us about his solar panels, “Their production capacity in the morning hours and towards the evening can hit 80%, which again provides you with the much-needed energy to power your devices and systems. The surplus energy generated can be pushed into the grid keeping your energy tariffs even lower.

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