Guide To Wearing Jewellery On Zoom

With most people working from home, it’s easy enough to get away with wearing trackies and loungewear for the bottom half during virtual meetings. However, you need to make an effort for the top half. During Zoom meetings, most of the effort is focussed on the top half so you need to look good. You don’t have to do much because a simple statement necklace or eye-catching earrings will show that you are making a lot of effort. No-one’s judging what time you woke up, either. 

Accessorising your ears and neck with something beautiful allows you to feel more confident and professional. You should buy your jewellery from smaller brands rather than major stores. As such, you don’t have to pay the mark-up fee for fine jewellery. Even better, there is a lesser chance of anyone else wearing the same jewellery. Whether you are thinking of ear accessories or necklaces, here are some of the best ways to dazzle on the next virtual meeting. 

1. Earrings 

Even if you are wearing something cosy at the bottom, you need to keep it professional at the top. You should be able to pull this off with great earrings. Choose a spectacular pair of earrings to make a statement. It’s a great way to express yourself. Since they are worn very close to the face, they’ll instantly stand out. 

Janine Castle, a health expert based on the Gold Coast, says that earrings are one of the easiest ways to draw attention to your face. “It’s an automatic conversation piece, especially if they’re colourful because people will instantly notice them. It’s also a very versatile fashion option, so you can wear different earrings for different meetings if you feel inclined.”

The best earrings are colourful drop earrings. They should be able to brighten your appearance effortlessly. They come in different sizes, shapes and colours so there is always something for everyone. They can make any outfit look amazing regardless of what you are wearing for your bottom. 

2. Necklaces 

When looking for a good necklace for your virtual meeting, make sure it makes a statement. They play a huge role in your virtual look. You can’t go wrong with a bold, chunky, pretty or polished necklace either in gold or silver. Even better, you can pull off a great look with a mixed material statement necklace or choker. We have numerous necklaces that can suit any occasion. 

Holistic coach Jacqui Watts believes that necklaces are a great way to let your personality pop. “There’s a plethora of necklaces out there that suit different looks. It’s great to mix and match necklaces depending on your outfit and mood.

A layered necklace is also a great way to pull off an outstanding look in your virtual meeting. They are very popular and always compliment any outfit. When layering your necklace, make sure you consider the space. You need to pull off a great balancing look so make sure you add chains falling to different lengths. For instance, you should layer smaller choker chains with the longer drop chains. There should be a small space between each necklace to pull off a great layering look. 

3. Bracelets 

You should consider colourful wrap bracelets since they don’t make a lot of noise. Compared to traditional bangles you will not be distracted by jingle sounds every time you move. Each bracelet symbolises creating authentic connections but they look great too. You should buy one today and pull off an amazing virtual look.

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