Write For Us

I accept in depth articles on topics of relevance or interest to people in Australia or New Zealand.   I will not accept articles that are just self-promotional or just for SEO (and I’ll know because I am an SEO professional). I reserve the right to edit your article or return it to you for modification.

We strongly recommend your article is in the form of a quality guide with tips and advice, especially for Australia – this will be the best way to get your article accepted.

Before offering an article please check the website to see if an article of the same topic  or very similar already exists on this website.

Your article, if accepted, will be posted and distributed through our social media channels – we encourage you to share through your own social media channels.


  1. Articles must be 1000+ words in length and pass copyscape. It must be your original work and not published anywhere else, even on your own blog.
  2. The article must be of high quality grammar or it will be rejected.
  3. Articles must contain at least one royalty-free image or your own image with the source URL referenced. This may be a dofollow hyperlink.
  4. You may cite sources of information at the bottom of the article. These must not be homepage links. They will be no-follow.

You must also submit a bio with a photo or business logo. Your bio may link to your own website and will be do-follow.

We will allow one link in the body of the article which will be a dofollow link.  There will be SEO benefit if you have articles accepted on our website, but the best benefit will be obtained from a focus on quality, with a view to the article being read by actual people, not just Google for the link.

Send your article to: enquiries@websitestrategies.com.au