Quick Guide: 7 Health and Fitness Tips

Have you decided to embark on a personal journey to better health and fitness? There are so many things that you can do to work towards better health and fitness.

We have gathered up some of the most up-to-date information to help you on your journey. Read on to learn more about how some small changes can go a long way to improving your health.

  1. Always Stay Hydrated

Whether you are sitting at your desk or working out, hydration plays a key role in keeping you energized and allowing you to get the most from your day. If you are training or working out, it is important to drink more water because you will sweat and lose hydration as you work out. Energy drinks and electrolytes can be useful if you are hiking in hot weather, however they can add a lot of empty calories if you are not getting much exercise. Lower calorie sports drinks are also available on the market now, so look for them when you are out grocery shopping. You can also access some tubs of drink mixes which will save you even more money if you need your water to be flavoured. Plain water is always the best and the best for you. Aim for a minimum of 8 – 10 glasses of water per day, add more if you are active or working out.

  1. Get Yourself a Workout / Accountability Partner

Let’s face it, even if you start out feeling very focused on your goals, there will come a time when you feel like giving up. An accountability partner will help you to stay on track and keep going even when you do not feel like it. On those days when you feel like reaching for the remote instead of your trainers, call on your accountability partner so that you can motivate each other to get out and become active. Look for someone that has similar goals to you and has the same availability so that you can be assured that they will be able to get together with you at times that are mutually convenient for you.

  1. Get More Fiber

Fiber helps you to stay full and satisfied and will help you to resist temptation in the form of junk food and easy quick snacks. Most of the time those quick snacks are mostly carbohydrate based and will add empty calories to your diet along, leaving you hungry soon after you consume them. Fiber also helps you to maintain your weight.

  1. Stock up on Healthy Items

It is always a bad idea to shop on an empty stomach, it leads to bad choices. Try to shop in the outer square of the store where the fresh produce, meats and unprocessed foods are located. Add these three items to your grocery list: nuts in the shell (the protein and fiber in the nuts will help to keep you full), balsamic vinegar to add low-calorie flavor to your salads and vegetables and fat free plain yogurt. Greek yogurt can be used for dips and dressings and is very filling on its own.

  1. Curb Your Sugar Consumption

Those late-night sugar cravings will get you every time if you go for high sugar snacks. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, drink several glasses of water to fill yourself up as much as possible first. Once you have consumed several glasses of water, you can have some fruit because it will fill you up while satisfying your sweet tooth without pushing you over the edge from calories. Try slicing up an apple and eating it with almond or peanut butter or fig halves with ricotta cheese spread on them.

  1. Find Motivational Music

Find some music that really gets you going and use it to motivate you. Whether you are planning to get to the gym, go for a walk or dance it out in your living room, motivational music can help you to move fast enough and long enough to get a good workout in.

  1. Keep Portions in Check

You can eat super healthy and still gain weight or fail to lose weight if you do not keep your portions under control. On a regular plate, half of your plate should be filled with vegetables, your protein serving should be the size of your palm and the remainder of your plate should be carbs.

These are just a few tips that can help you to move towards better health. The real secret is consistency and willpower. If you stay with your new habits and keep making small changes regularly. It is important to make small changes over time and not too many changes at the same time or they are simply not sustainable.

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