4 Things To Consider Before Tying the Knot

Getting married is not a simple occasion. It is THE occasion of your life.

There are many decisions to make, many things to plan. When to marry, where to get married, how to do the celebrations, what about the guests. There are so many questions that make one’s mind go crazy. Art therapist Natalie says, “It’s normal for people to get nervous, excited and anxious about planning a wedding. It is one of the biggest days of our lives. And I think it’s important to consider all those questions before the wedding. It prepares you now so that you can enjoy the occasion.”

But worry not… we’ve got you covered. While this list is definitely not comprehensive, you can use this as a guide to get the ball rolling and plan the best wedding event anyone has ever seen.

man and woman wedding showing hands

A Wedding Budget

Of course. How much are you willing to spend for this special occasion? That’s the big question that you need to consider when planning a wedding.

Will it be a simple gathering with family and close relatives? Will it be an extravagant event with the whole of the city invited? And then there’s the location of the wedding, the food, the decorations among other things.

You will have to take all of these things under consideration and then set a budget for the special day.

Make sure that you get together with your families and flesh out the initial plans and see if people are going to contribute financially. The amount of money your family is willing to contribute to your wedding will very much help you set your initial wedding plans.

Yes, talking about money and budget early on during such a special occasion sounds uncomfortable but setting a budget helps you set the expectations for the entire wedding ceremony.

Better to be prepared than to be sorry… as the saying goes.

Your Plans as a Couple

You’re tying the knot. Finally!! Now, it is time to plan your life together as a couple. And the first plan goes to planning your wedding.

In fact, wedding entertainment specialist Sam says, “We understand that weddings are one of the most important and after having managed over 2000 events since 2015, the best wedding events I have seen are the ones where couples said they planned out their wedding in advance.” And hiring an experienced wedding entertainment company means no hassle and no worry about entertaining your guests.

And then there’s food for your wedding, and the decorations. There’s so much to plan. After you set your budget, this is definitely the most important aspect you need to consider for a successful wedding.

And during this time, there might be some hiccups when you don’t agree on what to do for the wedding. Remember, this is a time for celebration, so open communication and flexibility is your secret to success during this phase.

wedding venue decoration

Consider a Wedding Planner or Coordinator

Okay, now you’ve got the plans up. Wedding entertainment, food, decorations are all planned… It’s time to consider hiring a wedding planner or coordinator. Life becomes so much easier when with the experts.

They can help you with many aspects of your wedding like your budget, your schedule, lists of vendors that you can use, and can also give you suggestions about the site of your wedding.

That was for a consultant. But you can also hire the day-of-wedding coordinator who makes sure that all of your plans go without a hitch.

But of course, you can plan your own wedding and do it your way. Having an expert to help you can take your focus off the planning and on enjoying the wedding.

If you do plan to hire a wedding planner, make sure to include the costs incurred on your initial budget.

Date and Venue

So, you’ve got your budget out. You’ve completed your plans. You’ve hired an entertainment company. Now, it’s time to book the date and the venue of your wedding.

And it is important to select the venue very carefully as it represents your wedding. In all your wedding photos, your wedding videos, the venue is going to be that backdrop.

How about the date?

Book your date as soon as possible. You don’t want to hold out until the last moment to book your wedding date. That’s because wedding companies might get booked out if you don’t book early enough. It’s better to be early than to be sorry. Holiday accommodations expert Robert says, “Once the date and venue is booked, where to go for a honeymoon? That’s an important question to consider. Some prefer quiet holiday locations where they can be alone. Others prefer popular destinations. It’s something that you should definitely plan as the day gets closer.”

There are many more things that you need to consider before your wedding. But these are the primary things that you must take a serious look at for a smooth and a memorable wedding. After all, it is your time.

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