Be The Guest to Impress at Dinner Parties

As a guest at a dinner party, you want to make sure that your interesting facts are not only fascinating but appropriate for the audience. This means avoiding potentially embarrassing or inappropriate information in favor of interesting tidbits that everyone will enjoy. 

Nobody wants to go to a dinner party and say they don’t know anything interesting… so plan ahead! Here are 10 interesting facts you can use at the next dinner party you attend:

1. Facts about famous people move very quickly through social circles, so if something is related to famous people in some way it’s always interesting conversation material. Try sharing that Jamie Lee Curtis is the godmother of Jake Gyllenhaal who is the godfather of Heath Ledger’s daughter or that Cameron Diaz went to highschool with Snoop Dogg. 

2. People who know trivia about the movie industry are also interesting people to be around. Ask them if they knew Psycho was the first U.S film to show a toilet flushing or that the rates of people buying rats for pets skyrocketed after the release of Ratatouille.

3.  History is super fascinating and virtually endless. You will seem interesting and smart if you can whip out a few interesting historical facts. You could share that when Thomas Edison died in 1931 his last words were “It’s very beautiful over there”? A quote that sparked interesting conversations about the afterlife, spirituality, religion, and more.

4.  People who do interesting hobbies are interesting people to be around at dinner parties. Think about your favorite hobby whether it be cooking or art, sports or writing and come up with an interesting story that you can quickly share to break the ice. You can also take photos of your work and use it for visual aid during your conversations.

5.  If you went on an awesome trip recently it can be the perfect base for interesting conversation material. 

“Whether it be an adrenaline filled story of a close call with wildlife on a hike or an interesting encounter with a worldly person overseas, people will find this super interesting” says the life coaches at Live by Our Codes, “This is especially true if they have never been to the place you’re talking about. Travel stories can also be great for bonding if the other person has visited the same place as you”.

6. Research a fun conspiracy theory that you can share with people to open up dialogue. Steer clear of topics that could offend people and stick with light-hearted theories like the fact that the British government created a propaganda campaign that carrots improve your vision during WW2. The theory says they had developed secret radar technology that allowed soldiers to see in the dark and they didn’t want their opponents to know so they claimed it was carrots!

7.  If you have interesting family members or friends, that could be a gold mine for dinner party stories. Oftentimes the best stories are ones you know a lot about like funny stories about your parent’s childhood or interesting stories about your friends.

8. If you have a quirky habit that sets you apart this could be the perfect way to open a conversation. It could be anything from a low-waste lifestyle to sewing your own clothes or not using social media. If it sets you apart from the norm it will be interesting and informative to others. 

9. If you have used an impressive app recently then this is a great way to inspire and amaze your friends. There are so many great apps out there like Remini which can restore old photos or My Design App which allows you to design your own outfits down to the fabric. 

10. Movies and tv shows are a simple and super effective way to bond with people. You can share your favourite picks or laugh about your shared favourites. It is the best way to make friends and even find some great new movies and shows to add to your watchlist. “The main key for being an impressive guest at a dinner party is being a good listener,” says wealth creation consultant Muzi Dan, “Once you overcome that initial interaction people will open up and naturally want to share with you”.

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