How to Keep Your Home Secure

Once you have moved in to a new home, one of the things that should be at the front of your mind is security. It is essential for keeping your family and belongings safe. Keep reading for top 10 ways to keep your home safe and secure:

1) Reinforce the Entrances 

You need to make sure none of your windows or doors are loose or damaged as this could allow burglars easy access to your property. 

“Make sure all locks work properly and that any defective parts are replaced as soon as possible” says IWF shutters who specialise in window security, “You can go the extra mile with roller shutters which give you maximum protection against break ins”. 

You can replace the lock parts with longer screws to prevent burglars from kicking your door in or invest in a metal security door that will level up your home’s entryway to be more secure. 

2) Keep your yard clean

Remove any debris or items that could be used as hiding places or step stands for burglars, such as large rocks, sheets of metal, old tires and boxes. This reduces the chances of burglars being able to hide their intentions from you or use these objects against you if they are noticed during an attempted robbery.

3) Buy a dog kennel or leash

This may seem like a strange tip if you’re not a dog owner, however career criminals often state that when they are casing properties they avoid homes with evidence of dogs. Purchasing a kennel for your backyard or a leash to hang outside your front door could prevent a robbery as burglars do not want to deal with a dog. You can also purchase lawn signs that say you have security systems installed even if you don’t.

4) Maintain fences and lock gates

You should also have all fences securely boarded so they don’t offer anyone a way over or under them. It’s also important for you to make sure all gates are latched and/or closed, as well as having locks that work properly on your garage doors. 

5) Install motion-activated outdoor lighting 

If someone is lurking outside your home at night time, these lights will go off when they sense movement and let you know somebody might be trying to enter your property illegally. This will also act as a deterrent and scare off any burglars or peeping toms. You can also have indoor security lights installed at entrances so you can see who is there when you come home. Some alarm systems have motion detectors that can trigger lights to go on when they aren’t welcome.

6) Secure any basement doors or windows

Burglars are looking for the easiest ways into your home because chances are you won’t be at home when they do this. So if it’s easy for them to get in through a basement window, then that is one of the first places they’ll check and try their luck breaking into while trying not to be seen by neighbors walking past outside during the day time.

7) Personalise your home

Burglars don’t like homes where people still live, so personalizing your home with various items such as wall art and indoor plants will make it feel more like a home and less like an empty, abandoned building. You can also install time-activated yard or indoor security lights if you are coming home at odd hours to make burglars think your house is still occupied.  

8) Invest in security cameras 

There are a bunch of options for home security nowadays. Security camera, alarm systems and even doorbells that have cameras and microphones for greeting guests and catching porch pirates.

“Home security systems allow you to keep your home safe even when you’re not home, you can record evidence if there is a break in and even speak into an intercom system so you can address people when they come to your door” explains the home security experts from Sunshine Security.

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