10 Simple Steps to Clean Your Home

1. Compartmentalise Your Cleans: 

Looking at a messy room can be super overwhelming. It can feel impossible to start cleaning. 

“The best way to get stuck in is to divide your room into categories” says life coach Jeanine, “It will trick your brain into thinking the task is more manageable and easy”.

 Go around the room and only pick up dirty clothes, put them all in a hamper in the laundry then move onto rubbish. Once you’ve picked up all the rubbish and put it in the bin outside, move to books or paper. A few good categories to use are clean clothes, dirty laundry, shoes, rubbish, paper, books and plates/cups etc.

2. Declutter: 

It’s no secret that your home will be easier to clean if you have less stuff and if minimalism has taught us anything it’s that decluttered homes look cleanest. Start by discarding any knick-knacks, clothes and kitchen items you no longer need (including expired food and products). 

3. Put things where they belong: 

Now you’ve thrown away anything you don’t need, you can find a home for all your remaining belongings. Having a place for everything makes it so much easier to keep your space clean.

Practice the “one touch” rule if you use something like sauce don’t ever put it down on the counter. Take the sauce out of the fridge, or cupboard (we don’t judge), and put it on your meal then put it straight back where you got it. 

4. Vacuum or sweep your floors a few times a week: 

A quick way to make your home look way cleaner is to vacuum or sweep the floors. Doing this every second day will not only keep your house looking neat, it will also improve the air quality in your home.

5. Invest in coverings:

Invest in a rug if you have carpet or cute blankets if you have light coloured couches. It will make it way easier to manage spills and stains and increase the life of your carpets and couches.

6. Clean up spills immediately: This may seem obvious but cleaning up spills and stains as soon as you can will prevent them from setting and becoming irremovable. Buying a stain remover or spot cleaner can be a lifesaver if you have carpet or light coloured furnishes. 

“If you have hardwood floors, it is super important to take care and clean up liquid spill as soon as possible” says the flooring experts from Quality Timber Flooring, “Leaving liquid on wood for too long can lead to mould, discolouration, warping and rot”.

7. Air out your space:

Before you begin cleaning, open up every door and window in your home. It will help any dust to escape and keep you cool while you clean. You will be surprised how much energy simply opening a window will give you.

8. Clean kitchen appliances regularly :

Give your microwave and oven a quick wipe down after every use with a wet towel to minimise grime build up. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to clean, so doing little bits at a time will make your job so much easier.

9. Dust often:

Oftentimes we can forget that dusting is so important. Dusting will make your home look nicer and will ensure your appliances function properly and don’t overheat. Dusting also helps to reduce the amount of dust in the air which can be harmful when inhaled.

10. Use Vinegar

With the multitude of fancy cleaning products on the market these days it can be easy to forget that vinegar is one of the most powerful cleaning agents and it’s cheap and natural! 
“Vinegar can be used virtually anywhere in your home and will leave a beautiful shine on anything you use it on” says environmentalist company Buy Ecowise , “It is a great eco-friendly option that doesn’t have the nasty chemicals a lot of products do”.

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