Post Pandemic Renovation Trends 

Home offices:

It may seem obvious with the hoards of people who are now working from home, but home offices in 2022 will become far more sophisticated than a laptop on the dining room table. Design experts predict that home offices will become the new hub of the house with more at-home workers and entrepreneurs spending hours working from home post COVID. 

Expect to see the home office replace home gyms and toy rooms and be decked out to the max with comfortable chairs, bookshelves and art.

“I predict with the huge Mid-Century Modern craze trending at the moment, Mad Men style home offices will become a staple” says interior expert Gary Hamer, “Funky wallpapers, sherpa seats and even cheeky bar carts should be on the cards for 2022”.

Bold Wallpaper and Art:

As people grow stir crazy from lockdowns, it is predicted they might let their freak flag fly with some wacky and whimsical wall decor. Think Andy Warhol pop art and daringly bright, bold and even metallic wallpaper aiming to spice up our homes which have become so mundane. 

“As NFTs are on the rise, I predict we will see an increase in colourful, stylised pieces in the home” explain the designers from Poskitt.


Thrifting has become a super trendy activity over the past few years. A massive craze for upcycling furniture is taking over social media channels like TikTok with people giving old furniture a second life with creative DIY overhauls. The opportunities for personalised, one of a kind pieces are endless and readily available through channels like Facebook marketplace, council clean ups and second-hand stores. 

“People who found themselves with more spare time throughout the pandemic have found a new passion for DIY which will surely be featured in 2022 interiors” note the eco-product specialists from Buy Ecowise, “It is an incredible trend to see become popular because it reduces landfill dramatically”.


A lack of outdoor interaction have left some of us naming our house plants! As our skill sets diversified over quarantine, many people discovered they actually do have a green thumb. A shift from minimalism to mid-century modern maximalism will be particularly evident in our plant collections in 2022.

Bold, Textured Walls and Floors

Brightening up our spaces seems to be at the top of everyone’s list and the bubbling excitement of returning to the outside world will have us returning to prohibition era design finishes. 

Along with bold wallpaper, intricate floors and ceilings are set to make a huge comeback. Crown molding and parquetry floors are likely to become a new sought after addition in homes all over the world. 

“Parquetry floors are a great way to add subtle texture to your home” says parquetry specialist Bilal from Quality Timber Flooring, “You can get super creative with parquetry because we use small cuts of wood that can be customised to your exact liking”.

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