11 Christmas Gifts for the Different Kinds of Men in Your Life

We all know how difficult it is to shop for Christmas gifts especially when you feel the people in your life have everything. Before you reach for a Lynx gift set take a look at this guide and see if these out of the box gifts would suit your loved one. 

1. For the Outdoorsman: 

Do you have a man in your life who loves nothing more than sitting by the campfire? How about getting him the gift that lets him smell smouldering wood and toast marshmallows anytime, anywhere. The portable campfire from Radiate is a portable, no-mess, ember-free campfire which comes in a cool tin making it perfect for a gift. Best of all Radiate campfires are made using recycled paper briquettes and a recycled soy wax blend which are far more sustainable than most traditional firestarters, says environmentalist Jayesh Dayal.

2. For the Early Riser:

If you have a friend who gets up early and likes organisation and order in his life then a 3-in-1 charging station may be perfect. They offer charging ports for an iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods in one sleek design that makes getting ready for bed easy as 1, 2, 3. 

3. For the Guy Who Loves Beer:

If you have a loved one who loves beer (and is 18+) then a beer subscription is definitely a winning gift this Christmas. The best part of a beer subscription is it is an out of the box gift that you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself so it will be a great surprise. There are heaps of companies offering subscriptions so do some research on which beer would suit your recipient best. 

4. For the Athlete:

Have someone in your life who is always complaining about sore muscles after working out? A massage gun may just be the perfect present that will have them thanking you long into the new year. These nifty gifts are perfect to relieve tension after a workout and are way more affordable than a professional massage. 

5. For the Guy Who Loses Everything:

We all know someone who is constantly asking us if we’ve seen their phone or wallet. Apple has recently released a super cool tool that tracks your valuables. Apple Air Tags can be simply stuck to any object and offer precision tracking which you can view on your phone. 

6. For the Film Buff:

Have a friend always excited about the latest box office release? The 100 Movie Scratch Off Bucket List is an awesome gift for anybody who loves movies. This gift is guaranteed to keep anyone occupied over the holidays with 100 classic movies everyone should see before they die listed on an awesome poster that doubles as wall art. 

7. For the Guy With a Hairy Bathroom: plumber

Know someone with a luscious beard and a bathroom sink full of hair? This simple fix could save them a lot of time and money. This beard shaving apron attaches to the mirror and creates a place for the hair to land. Not only will this tool make shaving mess-free with simple clean up but it could also stop your friend from having to fork out cash for a plumber.

“We see tonnes of clients who need us to unclog their sinks because they just wash their beard trimmings down the drain, this thing could save you heaps of money” testified the guys from Your Brisbane Plumber when we showed them this ingenious invention. 

8. For the Microwave Chef: 

Know someone who uses their microwave way more than their oven? We all know how handy microwaves are but often the food is less than ideal. Air fryers are pretty much the love child of ovens and microwaves. They have all the ease of a microwave with the flavour results of an oven. Air fryers not only make food crispy and delicious they can also make meals way healthier. Nutritionist Vicki Witt says air fryers are an awesome tool because they don’t require any oil. Just wait until you see the culinary creations your microwave chef comes up with. 

9. For the Host:

Anyone who loves hosting knows the importance of entertainment. A portable projector is the perfect gift for anyone who loves hosting and wants to up their game. Imagine giving the gift of good times with a projector that can be used for parties, sleepovers or camping trips. The best part about portable projectors is that they can be used inside or outside meaning the opportunities are endless. Electricians from Watts Up Solar and Electrical recommend choosing a projector with a rechargeable lithium battery and a screen resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

10. For the Guy Who Hates Vacuuming:

All hail the robot vacuum! This awesome gadget will put an end to the stress of cleaning. Imagine how relieved your loved one will be when they arrive home to a clean house that they didn’t have to lift a finger for. 

11. For the Guy Who’s Always On The Go:

For the guy that walks incredibly long and fast strides because he has “places to be”, then an electric scooter could be the ultimate gift. Simply fold up your scooter and take it anywhere you please. No need to break a sweat to get places. Ride in style while piercing through the wind.

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