5 Reasons To Renovate Your Home

The process of updating and improving failing structures and outdated design in the home environment is often referred to as renovation. This really is the best way to ensure that your home represents everything you want in residential living, as it allows you the freedom to create exactly the kitchen space, floor plan, closets, and overall look you love. If you are uncertain whether renovation is right for you, the following paragraphs will offer some strong reasons to give the process some real consideration this year.

1. Added Comfort

Air circulation and freshness are critical to the health and comfort of any home. 

According to Samuel Northfield, a demolition expert, you deserve to feel relaxed and comfortable in your home more than anywhere else. “You spend most of your life within the confines of a home, so you want to make sure that it’s a space you enjoy. It might come in the form of a special chair that you have, or the beauty of the kitchen, but you want to be able to be relaxed in your own space at all times.”

At the end of a long day, nothing is better than retreating to a space that fosters relaxation, and by adding large windows, natural light, and an open design, it is easy to maximize the overall feeling of health achievable in the home.

2. Updated Style

Homes that are stuck in a prior decade in terms of style can always do with a bit of renovation work. Transform your look by incorporating new trends such as modern furniture, Scandinavian design, or anything else that captures your fancy. You can bring your residence not just into the present, but make it relevant to the future as well. Minimalism is always a great choice in terms of creating a look that is sure to stand the test of time. White walls and track lighting can create the clean canvas so many homeowners covet.

3. Boosting Resale Prospects

If you are likely to sell your property in the near future, renovating in line with current trends can be a great idea. 

Canberra concrete blocks & bricks entrepreneur Tom Castle, believes that recouping more money from your home compared to the original outlay is vital. “When selling a home, you don’t want to be selling it to break even or for a loss. You need to improve the house so that it will give you a tidy profit, and sometimes you have to invest in the home a little bit to make a better return than you would without adding a few touch-ups.”

You will increase the resale value of the home, and you can also enjoy the benefits in the meantime. Expanding or remodeling a family room can give great value for the money you spend, as can creating a modern kitchen full of neutral colors and natural materials.

4. Make Your Current Home Your Dream Home

If you wish to sidestep the gruelling process of shopping for a new home, consider making upgrades to what you already have. By renovating the kitchen, bathrooms, or bedroom spaces with new surfaces and a fresh look, you can turn your existing property into the home you have always wanted. Freshening up the colour scheme or injecting some modern finishes can be an easy way to achieve tremendously dramatic results.

Gary Hamer is an interior designer and notes the vast opportunities that come with a renovation, not only will your space feel new and refreshed, it will also give you so much more freedom with your design and colour palette. Even simple DIY upgrades like painting your walls can unlock a range of opportunities that will help you fall in love with your space and make it perfect.

5. Targeted Additions

Should you desire certain, specific features in your home that new construction may not provide, give some thought to doing a renovation. If you love built-in storage or a particular type of flooring, you can customize a remodeling project to suit your precise needs. 

For Melissa Freasier, who runs a downsizing and decluttering business, it’s important to only add what you truly need. “At times, you can accumulate too many items. That’s why it’s important that you only purchase what you need. It makes it harder to move if you have so many items that you don’t want at the time you’re moving homes – it becomes an unnecessary and time-costly burden.”

By re-envisioning the space you already have, you can end up with the home you always wanted. If your current home is perfect except for the fact that it lacks a defined set of features that could easily be added with a little bit of work, renovation may indeed be the right route to choose.

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