10 Ways To Plan A Hens Party On A Budget

Dreaming of an amazing hen night but have a small budget to work with?

Planning a hen party will generally have some emotional moments. It will be more difficult when you have a limited budget to work with.  

Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can plan a fun hen party without breaking the bank.  

Here are 10 affordable (and fun) ways to celebrate the end of single-hood and welcome married life in style.

#1 – Have A Sleepover

A great option is to go old school and have a cosy sleepover.  

According to wedding celebrant Jay Flood, sleepovers are a fun and affordable option. “With such a special occasion around the corner, there are plenty of expenses so you have to find ways to be more creative on a small budget. It doesn’t mean missing out on quality time with your loved ones, having your hens stay over can be a real treat since we can all be so busy in our day to day lives.”

You can set a dress code and ask everyone to bring a treat to the party. You can then serve boozy hot chocolate or cocktails while lining up classic movies.  

This hens party will not cost much, but it will be a party that everyone will remember. 

#2 – Have A Local Night Out

You do not have to leave the city to have a great hen weekend.  

You could stay local and use the money you would have spent to upgrade the entire experience.  This includes splashing out on a limo and the VIP options at the local clubs. 

The cost of everything can be split between the group to make it more cost-effective. It is also a more traditional way of celebrating the bride’s last night of freedom before tying the knot.  

#3 – Create A Treasure Hunt

There are a lot of affordable treasure hunts that you can have pre-arranged for you, but you can also create on yourself to save some money.  

To do this, you need to set up the route and think of some trivia.  

You will then gather the hens and explore the route while answering questions about the sites along it and set some challenges that require pictures as evidence.  

The first hens that get back to base with everything will win a prize.  

#4 – Have A Cocktail Party

For this party, you should look for a local cocktail making class or create one yourself at home.  

If the bride is Disney obsessed, you can look at some Disney cocktail recipes for everyone to make and try. Before heading out for a night on the town, you should sample everyone’s cocktails – just don’t over indulge too much!

#5 – Go Camping

If the bride is not a party person, you can look for some affordable campsites to have a weekend in the great outdoors.  

For business owner, Lisa Renn, a weekend out in nature before a wedding is a great affordable option. “Not everybody is a drinker or likes to party before saying ‘I do’. Recharging in nature before the hectic couple of days that come with a wedding is a much more budget-friendly alternative to celebrate beforehand.”

You can head on walks in the morning and spend the afternoon in the local pubs – or spend the morning in the pub and the afternoon in the pub too if you like!

#6 – Have A Wine And Cheese Night

If the bride likes the finer things and you have a hard time thinking of a unique hen party, this is a good option.  

You should have everyone bring a specific cheese and wine for the party. You will then go through the food and have a taste of all of them. This is a great option for a sophisticated hen party.  

Who doesn’t like an afternoon of wine and cheese?!

#7 – Have A Bake Off

There is something fun about having your own bake off.

If someone has a large kitchen, you can get everyone together and bake together.  

If this is not an option, you can have everyone bring something they baked to a central location before judging them. Everyone will get to taste the food and rate it before the final results are revealed.  

Some wine or cocktails will be a great accompaniment for the baked goods. 

#8 – Have A BBQ

If the hen party is during the summer, you cannot go wrong with a BBQ.  

A bring-your-own BBQ will be easy on the budget and enjoyable too.  

Get the garden ready with some fairy lights and ensure you have enough meat and salad for everyone. You can also set up a small pool to give it the poolside feel without having to get too wet – the perfect summer occasion!

#9 – Have A Murder Mystery Night

Staging your own murder mystery night can be very exciting and gets everyone involved.

Each person will have a character with costume suggestions and a hint on how they should behave. They should also be told how they are linked to the murdered character.  

You can enjoy a meal and let the story play out between the courses. 

#10 – Rent A Hens Party House

If you have a good group of hens, you can rent a house between everyone and split the costs to make it more affordable.  

You can then hire a caterer to make all the food for you. If you want to save more money, you can do everything yourself or take turns to prepare different courses.  

The girl’s night in will be completed with plenty of wine of course! 

Bonus Tips For Planning A Hen Party On A Budget

  • Book Early

This is a very important tip that you need to follow.  

Wife and mother, Sacha Davis agrees there are multiple advantages that come from planning your hens night early. “Booking in advance means that you will be able to spread the costs of the trip, making it more manageable. You might also be able to find early bird deals and discounts if you start looking early.”

The more time you give yourself to plan, the easier it will be to make sure things fit into your budget.

  • Share Rooms

Sharing rooms can lower the costs you face. You will also get to know the other hens better if you did not know them well. Booking doubles, twins and family rooms will cut down the costs of any accommodation you book. 

  • Get A Multi-Bar Pass

These passes will be an affordable way to experience hotspots on a budget. These passes also generally come with discounts on drinks, club entry costs and other freebies.  

  • Prepare A Few Games

When you head to the hen party, have some games in mind. A great way to get to know everyone is to have some drinking games. This also offers some fun. 

  • Cut Down The Length Of The Stay

Instead of having a multi-night party, plan 2 action-packed days. This will cut the accommodation down to one night while still offering a party to remember. 

When you save money on the hen party, you will be able to splash out on other aspects.  

This includes hen party sashes which are a great souvenir.  Don’t let a smaller budget put you off the hen night you deserve and get planning today.

Are you looking to throw the perfect hens party? Chat to the experts at Hens Treasure Hunt today!


Author Bio: Mike Bird

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