Guide To Joining A Photography Club

If you’re a well-seasoned smartphone snapper or you’ve mastered the art of photography, why not join a photography club? Joining these clubs can be quite rewarding for members. It’s highly motivating when you can indulge in something you like with other like-minded individuals. Our article features some of the main reasons why you should join one today!

1 – Technical Advice And Support

When you join a photography club, you’ll be able to network with tons of other persons that are filled with knowledge and various skill levels. This creates the perfect opportunity for you to discuss ideas, ask questions and even ask for advice. In little or no time someone will be able to answer all of your questions. 

Samuel Northfield, a demolition expert by trade but also an avid photographer on the weekends, says that having people to bounce ideas off is invaluable. “Look, I’m no expert at taking photographs and I don’t think I ever will be. However, I have a lot of fun and I learn so much every time I take photos. It’s also a very receptive environment. Everyone knows they’re no wizard, and we all want to see each other take the best pictures possible.”

In most photography clubs, you’ll come across differently skilled individuals who are versed in multiple skills all with different cameras. Some might even be involved in post-production tech and will easily share their knowledge. 

2 – Developing Your Photography Skills

If you already think you’re an excellent photographer, why not sell your work or put some on exhibition? Joining a photography club gives you the perfect opportunity to get direct, honest feedback about your works of art. Some clubs even host monthly in-house competitions that are judged by someone from the outside. 

Some clubs can easily have over 100 entries depending on the size of the club. Entrants in these events are usually grouped according to their skill level as well as the previous success that they’ve had. The owners of the best images usually receive certificates that they can proudly display. 

Through the club, you may also have the opportunity to enter other competitions such as international ones. During club meetings, you’ll get the inside scoop on competitions and other current events in the photography world. However, the club can also determine the best images and offer to submit them if the owners agree. 

Whenever your work is critiqued, you should use the opportunity to learn. This gives you a better idea of what to do in the future. 

3 – Photographic Holidays And Weekends Away

Some clubs usually have outings each month to some of the best destinations. Clubs are known for visiting places such as Chinatown, photography exhibitions, art displays, or even orchards. In other instances, there are also weekend getaways that are scheduled at least a couple of times each year. 

Driveway repair expert Eddie Bennett points out that going to scenic locations is one of the most enjoyable aspects of photography. “Taking a photo of the perfect sunrise makes you appreciate the world and environment we live in just that much more. We have an abundance of incredible locations and scenery to capture, and doing it with a photography club is a lot of fun.”

With all of the upcoming events at the photography club, you’ll be able to dive into everything photography. The best part is that every opportunity brings learning experiences. Since everyone on board is a photographer, no-one will ever rush you because they’re becoming too bored of the setting. 

4 – Finding Like-Minded People

When you surround yourself with likeminded people, the love you have for your hobby will grow and drastically change. In essence, you’ll be finding your tribe. Your tribe is the people that you become closest to when you share a common passion. When you become integrated into a tribe, you’ll be able to develop your element. 

For natural therapy expert Sally Austin, she says that being with a group of people who want the same objectives only enhances your experience. “The time flies by when you do things you enjoy with people who make your time worthwhile. Your confidence builds both as a person and as a photographer, and it’s definitely a brilliant way to get outside and do something a little different than you usually would.”

This just simply means that you’ll be able to do what you love with other people who love the same things.

5 – Special Interest Groups

If you have a particular photography interest, there are also specialised groups that give you the perfect chance to work with persons who have the same interest. So, if you’re interested in AV, portraiture, or even panoramas, why not join a specialised group?

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