Guide To Choosing The Right Mattress Topper For Back Pain

Do you suffer from back pain?

Gone are the days when only seniors suffered from back pains. In today’s world, everyone is at risk of suffering terrible back aches and pains. With poor posture a contributing factor, using the wrong mattress can also contribute to this condition. 

So if you’re doing everything you can to look after your back, but still waking up sore and full of aches, you may benefit from a comfortable mattress topper.

A comfortable mattress topper sits on your mattress and provides the support you need, especially if your mattress is a). Too hard or b) too soft.

A mattress topper can help eliminate the risk of suffering from lower back pain and promote good quality sleep. Why upgrade your entire bed at great cost when you could pay a fraction of the price and eliminate that bothersome back pain. 

A mattress topper is an ultimate solution for a relaxing and uninterrupted sleep. 

Why do I need a mattress topper?

Everyone needs to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night. 

A comfortable mattress holds the key to sleeping soundly at night and waking up with a relaxed and healthy mind. Investing in just the right mattress topper makes it easier to enjoy a good night’s sleep with no back pains.  

The tricky part when shopping for a mattress topper is identifying the right one to help reduce and eliminate your back pain. 

An expensive mattress topper doesn’t always guarantee support and comfort, which is why you need to try several toppers before settling on one. 

Outlined below is a simple guide and a few tips and tricks on how to choose the right mattress topper. 

#1 – Check The Topper Material

Many of the mattress toppers on the market are made of latex, memory foam, cotton, wool, and egg crate foam. 

All these materials aren’t the same, which is why you need to try out a few of them to see which one works best for your body size. 

Professional masseuse Sally Austin explains that “It is worth noting that some topper materials will feel soft and comfortable though they do not support the back well. That said, you should be paying particular attention to mattress toppers made of latex and memory foam. These are the most popular and best materials for back pain relief.” 

Latex and memory foam have one property in common; they ‘hug’ or conform to the contours of your body thus facilitating proper alignment of the spine. This makes it possible to sleep soundly and comfortably through the night. 

Latex mattress toppers are also a preferred option for back pain. The latex material is designed with pin holes that help distribute your weight around the mattress topper, which makes it easy to absorb and conform to your body weight and contours. These mattress toppers help ensure your body and especially are properly aligned thus eliminating stress on all pressure points. 

Broader parts of the body such as the shoulders and the hips will sink a bit into the latex/form while other parts remain well supported. This improves back and neck support, a feature everyone needs to sleep comfortably. 

#2 – Consider The Thickness

The material thickness or the thickness of the topper, is another factor to consider. This is particularly important for back sleepers. 

Thicker toppers tend to be a lot firmer as compared to relatively thinner ones, hence might not be comfortable for various body types. This is unlike the popular belief that a thicker topper would be more comfortable and luxurious. 

Remedial masseuse Virginia Mealing says you don’t necessarily need a thick mattress topper to prevent back pains. He notes “Thicker mattress toppers might be too firm for your body weight or shape, and could make the condition even worse. Thinner toppers, on the other hand, can feel more comfortable though they might not be supportive enough at various pressure points.”

That said, medium-thickness toppers are considered the best for both support and comfort. They are neither too soft nor too firm for your body shape hence offer the perfect balance between conformability and support. 

#3 – Check Out the Topper Density

The topper density is one of the critical things to consider when shopping for your own mattress topper. The density determines how firm or soft the topper will be. 

Many of the toppers on the market today have densities of between 1 and 2 kilograms per cubic foot. Such are low-density toppers and might not help prevent back pains. Although the topper might feel comfortable to sleep on, it will not provide the support required to ensure the spine is aligned correctly. 

Mattress toppers of 1-2 kilograms per cubic feet densities provide just the right support for back pains. Commonly considered to be of medium density, these toppers are neither too firm nor too light, hence offer a balance between support, comfort, and durability. The slightly soft mass makes it easier for shoulders and the buttocks to sink into the foam/latex while the back remains aligned properly. This eases pain and promotes a good night’s sleep. 

High-density mattress toppers might also come in handy in preventing back pains. The only issue with such toppers is that they don’t conform with the body contours immediately. 

#4 – Have Your Body Weight In Mind 

Medium level density and medium firmness toppers are only recommended for the average person. 

Nikole Grbin of Flex Osteopathy Adelaide says “you should always consider a mattress topper that can hold your weight. High density and firm toppers will serve this purpose well. This is because high density and firmer toppers handle extra compression. This allows them to conform to your body contours and pressure points.” 

Always consider your body weight when shopping for both a mattress and a topper for the best results. 

#5 – Read Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Always take some time to research about a particular brand or product before making a purchase. While this will only take a few minutes of your time, it will save you lots of money and frustration in the long run. 

One of the best ways to know about a product is through customer reviews and testimonials. Simply go online and search for a particular brand. The search engine will give you several hits on what other people are saying about this specific brand or topper. 

Reading other people’s reviews will give you an idea of what to expect after making the purchase. It is also by going online and researching about the product that you might discover other brands that offer superior performance and quality for the same price.

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