Guide To Rat and Mouse Control: Types of Products to Do the Job

Rats and mice — these little critters can get into your home and take over very quickly. At first you may not notice them, but once they move in and start a family, you will see signs of them and the damage they have caused very quickly. Rodents are destructive and will cause many issues in your home. They will chew wires, plastic pipes, get into stored products in pantries and consume them and leave droppings everywhere they go. Mice leave urine trails that they use to travel around and communicate. All of this is very disturbing to homeowners and it can also lead to illness through the droppings and urine that is inside the home. Therefore, it is very important to find effective products that not only control but also eliminate rats and mice. Pestrol carries a wide range of products that are easy to obtain and use for homeowners and business owners alike, including:

Traps and Bait: Provoke rat attractant and Provoke mouse attractant — these are food-based gel products that attract rodents into traps. When it comes to rats, this product has a unique blend of smells that are irresistible to both roof rats and Norway rats. Specially crafted traps include a special removable cup that can be loaded with the attractant product. Each time the trap is used, it should be washed with soap and water and then reloaded for the next rodent.

Image from Pestrol NZ

Rodent Blocks — these blocks contain anticoagulants and bromadiolone. Once consumed, the rodents will try to get outdoors and will die within one or two hours. This is a better option than having rodents die inside the walls of a building because the smell can become unbearable after a while. These special blocks are available in different sizes for different sized pests. Small blocks are ideal for mice while the larger ones work well for rats.

Bait Station — the bait station is a sealed plastic box that can be loaded with bait. This prevents other animals from accessing the bait, such as household pets or farm animals. These can be placed all around homes and industrial buildings wherever rodents are suspected to be residing. Bait stations can be loaded with irresistible bait that will attract rodents and allow them to feed on the bait in a secluded place. These can be loaded and re-loaded with bait as many times as needed by opening the unit and adding the bait inside.

Quick Kill Traps — These powerful traps are spring loaded, have a fast trigger and will kill a rodent on contact. Even though people don’t enjoy rodents in their home they sure don’t want to see them suffer. Rodents can be attracted with bait where they will be killed instantly when the trigger trips and the trap snap the neck and back of the rodent.

Live Traps — If you really don’t want to kill any rodents, another option is the live catch trap. You collect many rodents inside and then transport them to a place far away from your home and release them into the wild. It is not advisable to release them near any residential or commercial buildings where they can quickly move in and take over. Live traps work well for those who want to catch and release rodents instead of eliminating them.

Mouse Shield — a safe product that can be used to fill and seal spaces where mice could gain access to a home or business. This product is effective, non-toxic and durable. This product fills cracks, joints, holes, and spaces for sewer connections. It is applied to a dry, clean surface and adheres to most compounds including masonry, plaster, plastic, wood, concrete and metal. The product should be applied using a caulking gun to seal up all the unwanted spaces or openings. If it is necessary to have a smooth surface, a putty knife can be used to blend the produce into the edges of the gap.

Rodent Free — This rodent repeller is a small self-contained unit that plugs into the wall. Using electromagnetic, ionic and ultrasonic technology, this device repels rodents effectively. This device is free of dangerous chemicals, does not harm pets and may also be effective to control cockroaches. This product has an incredible 2-year warranty and a 60-day money back guarantee if you find that it is not effective in your situation. The ionic technology in this device gives off negative ions which purify the air in your environment constantly. These devices can have great coverage in a home, but you will need 2 units or more if you have a larger home. They can be placed in a garage, shed, office, hotel, house, etc. Once rodents hear the sounds emitted by this device they will leave or never move in. The ultrasonic sounds prevent these creatures from communicating, nesting, eating, breeding and carrying on their lives in general. The variable pulse generator ensures that pests to not adapt to the ultrasonic waves.

Rat Assassin — An electronic rat trap that instantly electrocutes rats when they step into it. The device has a safety protection switch which prevents you from electrically shocking yourself. The unit runs on batteries and has a low battery indication. Some of these electronic devices have an app that loads onto your smart phone so you can be notified when you “make a kill”.

Repellent Spray — This strong-smelling product has the aroma of peppermint which is chemical-free but effective because mice rely on their sense of smell to navigate. This interrupts that ability, making it difficult for mice to get around.

With so many products available, you can choose the one that is right for you. Whether you want to eradicate rats and mice by killing them, prevent them from ever arriving or catch and release them, there is a product that will do that for you. You can choose several products and use them all to find the one that works best in your situation. The sooner you discover you have a pest problem and start to deal with it, the better.

Images from Pestrol

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