Guide to Choosing The Best Commercial Cleaning Team

Businesses have a choice to make when they need to decide on how to keep their office clean. They have the option of hiring a commercial cleaning company or adding a cleaning crew to the payroll for handling the cleaning duties. 

Both these approaches have their own advantages but there are several reasons that indicate outsourcing the cleaning work is the best option for businesses.

A commercial cleaning company is capable of taking care of all the aspects of keeping the office clean as they are aware of everything needed to keep the office sparkling clean. 

Such a company also understands the importance of a clean office as the first thing that makes a favourable impression on clients. 

A commercial cleaning company will work with you on the tasks to be covered, on the hours for which the cleaning crew is needed and the qualifications required by their workers.

In case you currently do not have anyone handling the important cleaning tasks that range from washing the windows to vacuuming the floors to emptying the waste baskets, here’s a quick guide to help you hire the services of a reliable commercial cleaning company.

1. Conduct a Thorough Background Check

The most important thing is to ask the right questions in order to find the right commercial cleaning company for cleaning your office. It will allow you to get the best available service at the right price. 

Check the number of days they are available for work and their hours of availability. This is especially true in case you want to get the office cleaned once the employees leave for their homes and office is closed for the day. 

Needless to say, you also want to check the price quoted by a cleaning company and compare them with the price quoted by other providers. You should also ask them about their hiring process and the kind of training they offer to their employees or whether they only hire experienced team members and their ability to handle multiple projects or tasks.

2. Source References from Past Clients

You also need to do some research on the reputation of the company while choosing a commercial cleaning company. One of the best ways to check their reputation is to find customer satisfaction reviews and the overall standing of the cleaning company in the local business community. 

Ask them about the clients they have worked for in the past and the ratings given by their other clients. It is important to check whether other companies were satisfied with their services and would recommend them to others.

3. Look For Liability Insurance

All commercial cleaning companies you are considering should be able to provide proper proof of insurance and should be able to show that they are completely licensed. It is important for you to personally check their workers’ compensation and general insurance certificates. 

Hire the services of a company that has regular employees instead of working with one that only hires cash workers. 

A company that has regular employees will have proper insurance against injury. This means that you will not be held liable in case somebody gets injured while cleaning your office. 

Insurance experts at BMA Consulting note liability insurance protects both the cleaning service provider and the client. Insurance is a crucial requirement that protects both parties. Holding liability insurance helps to show potential customers that a selected cleaning service is performed by a legitimate company and a “safe” choice. Not having the proper insurance can lead to messy legal battles so always make sure the policy is valid and up-to-date.

4. Look For the Professionals Touch

Ask the cleaning companies about their hiring and vetting processes. It is important for you to make sure that the cleaning crew is aware of proper cleaning procedures and professional behaviour. 

The workers should have a dress code so they look professional and presentable when working in your office. Many companies give a proper uniform and ID badge to their employees.

5. Find An Established Cleaning Process

Before you hire the services of a company, you want to know whether it is a well established company with a proven track record and a history of serving local businesses. 

It should also be able to demonstrate that it has achieved good results for other clients. In case the company has an established cleaning process, it means that it is likely to have an established reputation.

6. See if They Have aCleaning Checklist for Their Staff

An established company should have a proper checklist given to the staff members, which must be strictly followed. 

Inquire about the cleaning supplies and process they cleaners use to deal with troublesome spots such as mildew and mould. Also, ask them about the kind of products they use and whether these are natural cleaning products. 

The company also needs to have a checklist of areas to clean including stairs, halls, entryway and kitchen including refrigerator, all the desks, waste baskets and the windows.

A company that will allow you to add extra items or specific requests to their checklist for your office will always beneficial. The interior experts at Gary Hamer Interior Design recommend to “find a cleaner who is open to changing their standard procedures if you need, depending on your interiors. For example, if you had an expensive moroccan rug in one of your meeting rooms, it cannot be treated as a regular carpet and would require special treatment that all staff are aware of. A cleaning company who notes that in their checklist is one to keep.” 

The experts at Direct Appliance Rentals add that “special requests are especially important if an office is renting certain equipment. Since these office appliances are technically owned by a different company, your office needs to make sure that the cleaning company knows how to properly clean and handle these pieces of equipment.

7. Find a Local Company

If possible, choose a company that has a local office or headquarters. This will ensure that you can get the required cleaning help quickly in case you need it. A local office will also be of great help in case you want to meet with a representative in person. 

Consider a company that has local management. You might find it difficult to reach the management in case they are located in another state and the company is a franchisee.

8. Do They Have SDS Lists Availabile

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are an important part of the overall safety processes for all commercial cleaning companies. Any kind of business handling any kind of chemicals needs to keep an SDS for each substance they handle, even if the substances are not considered dangerous. 

SDS lists are important in determining the reactivity of chemicals with other compounds. They let people know if the chemical is flammable, what the potential health hazards could result from exposure to the chemical, and how to safely handle and transport these substances.

Typically, these lists are available in English though the company could offer translations in case the cleaning staff is bilingual. Everyone in the cleaning company should have access to these SDS files.

9. Are They Flexible?

A professional cleaning company will always offer to work around your schedule. For instance, in case the office is needed for a night meeting, the cleaning crew should be able to reschedule its cleaning to later that night so as not to disrupt the meeting. 

This flexibility can save a lot of time and money for businesses such as yours.

10. Will They Keep Your Employees Healthy?

A professional commercial cleaning company is capable of doing a lot more than just emptying waste baskets and vacuuming the rug. It can also play a huge role in making sure that the employees in your office remain healthy. 

The professionals in the cleaning company are aware of the importance of hygiene. They will make sure to disinfect the common areas where workers usually congregate since this is where germs build up.

Ensuring that the cleaning company you choose uses safe and non-toxic products is important too. 

According to alternative health and toxin expert Janine Brundle, “some people are sensitive to harsh chemicals so making sure your cleaners use non-toxic products will ensure that your employees are not negatively affected in any way. If employees work in a clean, healthy and safe environment, without the worry of being exposed to harsh chemicals, then they will be more productive and more committed to your organisation.”


Offices that are unclean are likely to leave negative impressions on the clients. Why not leave the tidying up to the professionals?

If you are already running a business, there is no need for you to worry about keeping your desks and common areas clean. Once the office is closed for the day, let a professional cleaning crew arrive after hours in order to do all the dirty work. You’ll come back to a pristine office conducive to productive work.

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