Guide to an Affordable Australian Wedding

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In this day and age, planning a conventional wedding is no walk in the park. There’s not only the venue, clothes, and transport to organise, but you ideally have to think about decorations, reception, honeymoon and so much more.

It all adds up and that’s why many couples, particularly those who wish to put their money towards other goals are looking for ways to have an affordable ceremony.

When it comes to planning a wedding, it is important to remind yourself and those around you that it does not have to be that BIG of a day.

According to Australian data, an average wedding costs $31,368. If this feels too expensive for your budget, don’t stress. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to ensure your big day meets your budget.

Doing your due diligence can really go a long way in ensuring your wedding is affordable. Whether you’re looking to save on your formal wear or entertainment, knowing what you’ll be paying for will certainly come in handy.

One of the things you’ll want to do is search for an unexpected venue in order to make more room for other expenses.

Most people go for the conventional venues and actually end up on the waitlist, but sometimes, the best wedding venues are not the most obvious ones. Finding hidden spots isn’t just for your favourite brekky spot, it’s also an excellent way to save on price when it comes to your wedding, as you avoid the more in-demand venues and services.

For example, you might assume that hotels are only ideal for night weddings, but most actually have unparalleled daytime event capabilities as well as appealing packages that will most likely give you more value for your money compared to conventional wedding venues.

In regards to the outline of your big day, you may want to keep the following tips in mind to ensure that the wedding of your dreams caters to your budget.

Here is your guide to having an affordable wedding in 2019.

  1. Focus on What’s Important
    There is no point in having a wedding that when you look back on what should have been special, you instead feel regret. The best way to ensure that you assign your finances to what you need and want is by focusing on what’s important to you and your soon to be spouse.

    It’s advisable to pick a handful of features that are important to both you and labeling them as must-haves. This way, if the planning begins to go out of hand, you can look back at the list and adjust accordingly.

    The finance experts at Robinson Accounting know the importance of setting agreed upon goals when budgeting with your partner. They said, “The most important factor in successful couples budgeting is seeing eye to eye. Physically writing down an agreed upon budget is a great way to quash any potential disagreements in the future and ensure that you both have the same priorities.”

    You should never get lost in the numerous features you are presented with during the planning process as you will quickly steer away from your budget.

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  2. Look For Inspiration, But Do Not Use It All
    Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can be excellent inspirational tools in regards to planning your wedding, but they can quickly take you on a path that makes you lose the sense of what kind of wedding you really want.

    Going through the latest trends in celebrity weddings isn’t bad, but you may find yourself overspending and steering away from what you actually want.

    If you come across a wedding that you want to replicate, it’s advisable to take one or two elements to add to what you’re planning for. This way, you will have that vibe that you are really interested in while staying within your budget.

  3. Book The Most Important Suppliers First
    Doing this can really help in managing your budget and avoiding last-minute surprises. There is no use in spending more money on elements of your special day that you have decided you can budget on.

    Local Sydney celebrant Fiona King, knows that staying within budget is one of the biggest struggles couples have when planning their wedding. She had this to say, “Booking your necessities first, such as a venue, cake and celebrant is a great way to keep your budget in check. It also allows you to identify how much you have to spend on the more luxury items.”

    In doing this, you risk not having enough money to spend when an excellent photographer or videographer comes along. You should make a list of suppliers to book and this will help you focus on important things.

    Start the planning process by searching for the venue. More often than not, the venue takes around 40% of the average wedding budget. Also, picking the venue first will help you pick the date, which also affects the budget.

  4. Hold The Occasion Off-Peak Season
    One of the best ways of saving on wedding costs is by getting married on a less expensive time and day of the year. Most, if not all suppliers like venues, wedding car companies, and photographers have varying rates for non-peak times of year and weekdays, which are generally cheaper compared to times that are deemed to be the best to marry.

    Weekends, particularly Saturdays are the most popular days to hold weddings and spring is the most preferable season. Simply put, having a wedding on a Saturday in November will cost you more than holding on a Thursday in July.

    Marriage celebrant, Jermaine Clarke finds that clients are often baffled at the seasonal price differences that exist in the wedding industry. He had this to say, “Doing your research about the most in-demand seasons, days and times to get married is a great way to minimise costs. Getting married during an off-peak will leave you will more of your budget to spend on those special little details that will make your wedding your own.”

    Knowing what seasons and days are less popular will help you reduce your wedding expenses while still being able to book the best suppliers and professionals.

  5. Know What You Can DIY and What You Cannot
    Arranging the wedding on your own is one way of saving money, but knowing what you can and cannot do on your own is also important. Sometimes, DIY-ing can cost you more money than if you had an expert handle certain aspects.

    According to a wedding cake specialist from Pearl’s Creations, DIY isn’t always the easier and cheaper option. She said, “Having your wedding cake professionally made may seem like an expensive option. But by removing the risks that come with a DIY wedding cake, preordering a professional cake can safe you both time and money overall.”

    If you want to do everything on your own, you should conduct proper research and get advice from other couples. If you want this to save you money in the long run, however, you need to be really careful.

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  6. Find a Wedding Venue That Can Handle Multiple Things
    Another way to save big on your big day is to look for a venue that can host other elements of your day. This allows you to save on both money and time.

    Packages that can be customised for you with their own venue planner are an excellent way to save on costs. They ideally give you the freedom to be as lavish, classic and intimate as you want.

    A wedding planner will also be available to guide you on every aspect, letting you select which features and package will be the best for your theme, budget, and other needs.

  7. Cut Down on The Wedding List
    The guest list is without a doubt one of the biggest costs when it comes to planning for your big day. Ensuring that you have the most important people in your life for the wedding is essential and will give you lifetime memories.

    However, inviting more people than your budget can handle will only ruin the day.

    In regards to reducing the guest list, it’s always advisable to start with the plus ones. The cost per head for an average wedding is $150, which can really add up when a guest decides to ask for a plus one.

    You should avoid including people you have not seen in years or those who are unnecessarily demanding. After all, it is your wedding.

  8. Get Into a Competition
    Perhaps the best way to plan an affordable wedding is by not having to pay for one at all. Entering into a competition to win a wedding sponsor is not just fun, but there is a potential bonus at the end. All you have to do is look around for brands that offer these kinds of rewards.

    This option leaves you with more money in your pocket to head to Europe for a beautiful honeymoon, or start packing to take that cruise you’ve always dreamed of.

With these 8 simple but effective tips, you should be able to have the wedding of your dreams without overspending.


Author Bio

Julian Parsons is an Australian writer and a business administration student living in Sydney. He is passionate about financial data and project management. Julian enjoys photography and when he’s not studying or writing, you’ll find him outdoors capturing shots of nature.

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