Guide To Becoming A Real Estate Agent In Brisbane


A career in Real Estate can potentially pay you handsomely: it all depends on the effort you put in as well as how committed and ready you are to learn and develop yourself, particularly during your first year in the industry.

Real Estate offers you a huge variety of career options. You can choose to be a marketing or administrative personnel, or specialise in sales and property management. The common entry-level appointment is working as a personal assistant to a top agent. This offers the newbie a decent platform to learn first-hand from a successful Real Estate professional.

One of the prerequisites for employment into any position in a Real Estate Office is the completion of the required study from a Registered Training Organization (RTO), for example, Complete Property Training.

The duration of the course is about three days, and it holds every month.  You can register at any of the main centres in QLD.  You will be awarded an entry level Real Estate Certificate at the end of the course.

How do you find a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)?

Chances are you will find tons of companies that provide these online courses.  However, most of these companies offer cheap and inadequate courses, which usually come with little or no support for students taking the classes.  It may interest you to know that about 40% of students abandon an online course midway for a classroom course because the latter offers a lot more support and guidance.

If you are looking for a reliable RTO in Qld that offers excellent Real Estate Licence courses in Brisbane, then Complete Property Training is the place to be. In addition to delivering comprehensive class studies at affordable rates, Complete Property Training ensures that students get the solid and ongoing support they deserve.

You will not have to spend up to $1000 to complete a course and get a certificate.  This is one of the lowest prices you will find around, and it is a worthy investment when you consider how much you can potentially earn from the elite positions the certificate qualifies you for.

With this in mind, you should strive to complete the required study successfully, after which you get a Statement of Attainment. This statement is what you tender at the Office of Fair Trading Qld when applying for your Real Estate Agent Certificate. All Real Estate Licenses and Certificates are issued by the Office of Fair Trading, Qld.  It takes about four weeks to process a submitted application. Within this period, the Office of Fair Trading will conduct some appropriate checks to ascertain that:

  • You are above 18 years of age
  • You pass a police check, with a good character and fame
  • You completed the right study
  • You are a citizen of Australia or in the country with a working Visa

If all these boxes are ticked, the Office of Fair Trading presents your Certificate, and you can now use the same to apply for your most-preferred position at a fully-licenced Real Estate Agency or Agent.

If you wish to go further up the ladder, the next license you should look to get is the Full Real Estate Licence.  With this, you can practice as an independent agent, or create an agency and have people working for you. The course preceding the award of a Full Real Estate Licence runs for six days. The scope of the course entails all aspects of Sales, Property, and Real Estate Management.

Another award worthy of mention is the Real Estate award that covers the Real Estate Agents minimum wages.  However, the application rate for this minimum award is low, considering that most of the new applicants are not looking to earn as low as that.  In fact, the award is created to offer support to struggling newbies.

The real estate ‘big wigs’ prefer a commission only payment or practices as an independent contractor.  Thus, such agents can decide to work for themselves and at their discretion, rather than working for a company like an employee.  These agents usually prefer to work from home, considering their flexible method of operation.

If you wish to know more about these and more, feel free to reach out to Complete Property Training via (07) 5438 8922 or check out their website at

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