Our country is not called the “sunburnt” country for no reason. Australia can be a land of harsh climates, especially when it comes to the heat of summer. While having pedestal and ceilings fans can help keep you cool, you really can’t beat quality air conditioning for staying comfortable during the long hot summer.

In this post we’ll run through some tips about choosing an air conditioner, what types are available, whether they are the electricity guzzlers many people think they are and more. In general, a guide to air con in Australia.

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The Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

What Are Some Air Conditioner Features?
Does Air Con Use Lots of Power?
Some Things To Consider When Choosing An Air Conditioner
Always Choose a Professional for Air Con Installation

The Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Let’s first take a look at the different types of air conditioning system you can buy for your home or business. Not all premises will be suited to all types.

  • Window Mounted or Through the Wall – This is your classic style of compact air conditioner where everything is contained in one small unit. Either a hole is cut through an outside wall, or the unit is mounted in a window. This allows the air con to expel the hot air outside as it cools the room.
  • Portable Air Conditioner – These are great for people who are renting and don’t want to permanently install air con. No installation is required and you can move the unit from room to room as required.
  • The Split System Air Con – Split systems are the most common type of air conditioner you’ll find in Australian homes and businesses. The cooling section of the air con will be mounted on the wall in the selected room, while the compressor unit will be situated outside.
  • Ducted Air Conditioning – Not every home or office will have the ceiling space for a ducted system. Often it will be built into a new home or building. Ducted systems are powerful and very quick to achieve the desired temperature. The cool air (or warm air in winter) flows through a series of ducts in the ceiling and enters each room via a vent. Ducted systems can be controlled to cool either the entire home, or just selected rooms.

What Are Some Air Conditioner Features?

So we’ve covered the common types of air conditioner you can buy. Let’s now look at some common features many air cons have.

  • Reverse Cycle – This simply means the air con unit is capable of cooling in summer and heating during winter. While Australia is a very warm climate, it does get cold for a few months of the year too, so it’s great to have both a cooling option and heating option in the one unit.
  • Smart AC – This is a modern air conditioner that can be hooked up to a smart home system, so the temperature and operation can be controlled remotely or on complete automation. For example, you could set it so the air con switches on 15 minutes before you’re due to arrive home from work, so the house is nice and cool when you arrive.
  • Remote Control – You don’t want to have to get up every time you want to adjust the temperature or turn the unit on or off. With a remote control you won’t have to. Not all units come with remote control, but most do.
  • Inverter System – If the air con is an inverter model, it will produce a constant flow of air for better temperature regulation, which is more energy efficient.

features of air con system.png

Does Air Con Use Lots of Power?

All air conditioners, no matter what type or how modern they are, will consume electricity. These days systems are far more energy efficient than they once were.

Now a big ducted system looks like it would guzzle electricity, but they’re so quick and efficient in achieving the desired temperature that you don’t necessarily have to run them for extended periods.

And if you have a Smart AC, you gain even more control over how much your air con is used, saving you more money on running costs.

Air conditioners consume power, but they’re not as bad as some people believe. New units will all come with an energy efficiency rating. The more stars it has, the cheaper it is to run.

Some Things To Consider When Choosing An Air Conditioner

What are some things you should consider when choosing an air conditioner that’s right for you?

First off, you need to determine the size of the space you want to cool. Is it a small room or an open area like kitchen/dining/living room combined?

Until you have a fair idea of the size of the area you wish to cool in square metres, you won’t know what size air conditioner you require. Once you’re armed with this information, you can take it to your retailer and/or installer and they’ll be able to advise you on just the right model.

If you’re thinking of installing a ducted system, is there enough space in the ceiling cavity to install the necessary air ducts? You might need to call in a professional to make an assessment.

You might also want to think about whether you want a reverse cycle air conditioner. Does it get cold in winter where you are? Would it be convenient to have an air con that heats as well as cools?

You also need to think about your budget. How much do you have to spend on an air con and installation?

Installing air conditioning – particularly a ducted system – will add value to your home, so that’s something to keep in mind as well.

Always Choose a Professional for Air Con Installation

Finally, never attempt to install an air conditioning system yourself, even the window/wall mounted models. Always call in a professional air conditioning company to perform the installation.

You need to by law anyway, as there is refrigeration and electrical work to be performed during the installation of a split system or ducted system.

Usually you can save yourself a bit of cash on the cost of the unit and installation if you do it all through your local air conditioning company.

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