The Benefits of Having Your Factory Roof Cleaned


In this article, read up on the benefits of having your factory roof cleaned.

The roof on your factory is a major investment.  The sheer size and volume of the material that is used to cover the roof of your factory is generally quite massive and can add up to a large amount of money.  The life of the roof on the building can be prolonged with regular maintenance and it is important to note that the care of your roof is an integral part of the structural integrity of your building.  Roofs endure a great deal of stress and are exposed to the elements every day.  Regular inspections of your roof are important to ensure that it lasts a long time.    If you hadn’t previously considered it, there are many benefits to having your factory roof cleaned on a regular basis, including:

  • Regular and Careful Inspection of Your Roof

Roofing professionals who undertake regular cleanings of your roof will ensure that it is carefully and fully inspected so that every square inch is maintained.  If any holes or issues are identified, repairs can be quickly and efficiently made so that the life of your roof will be extended.  This can save your business a great deal of expense.  Afterwards you can receive a full report on the state of the roof and any necessary repairs.

  • Increased Performance

The best way to ensure that your commercial roof is performing to its utmost potential in terms of useful life and energy efficiency is to keep it clean.  Clean roofs tend to maintain lower surface temperatures which ensures that the roof membrane’s life will be prolonged.  A clean roof also reflects heat more effectively, lowering the need for cooling costs in the heat of summer.  A clean commercial roof will assist any rooftop HVAC system because the roof temperature will be lower and this allows the HVAC cooling system to draw in cool air so that there is less energy needed to reach the same level of comfort inside.

  • Safeguards the Health of Employees

If algae and mold are allowed to grow on your factory roof it can be unsightly.  Even worse, mold and algae can have a detrimental effect on the air quality of the interior of your building.  If black algae spreads through the building it can cause damage to the integrity of the roof and to your business’ reputation.  If algae takes over on your roof you will have to have it professionally cleaned with special fungicides to ensure that the algae is eliminated and then prevented from regrowing in the future.

  • Reduction of Moisture

Moisture is the one thing that will destroy your roof.  It is important to ensure that your roof is clear of debris, and any materials that can contain water as well as any leaves.    If water ponds it can cause blistering, cracking, splitting and rusting of roof materials.  Once that occurs you will experience leaks in your roof because the roof has been compromised.  Regular inspections and cleanings will prevent this type of catastrophe.

  • Reduce Fire Hazard

In those areas where wildfires are a problem, buildings that contain materials that could potentially be extremely combustible can be of serious concern.  In these situations, a clean roof can reduce potential sources of fuel that can pose a danger.

  • Discover Damage Before it is too Late

When your commercial roof is cleaned on a regular basis it helps to prevent massive problems from developing from smaller issues.  By keeping the roof well-maintained and clean, it is simply easier for a roof maintenance team to discovery and potential problems and identify areas that should be repaired before the damage reaches crisis levels.  When you have your roof cleaned on a regular maintenance schedule you will have professionals who are aware of what to look out for including potential problems such as damage from weather and small punctures that are not visible with a cursory glance.  Small leaks can cause serious damage so it is important to discovery those leaks quickly and repair them immediately once they are discovered.

  • Keep Things Legal and up to Code

Depending upon what type of manufacturing you do, your building may need to meet certain industry standards.  When you have your factory roof professionally cleaned it will ensure that your building meets the right standards and that it meets or surpasses the code.

  • Regular Maintenance Ensures Easier Cleaning

If a commercial roof is left to collect dirt for decades, cleaning it will be a difficult job.  If, however, the roof is cleaned regularly, it will be easier to clean and it the dirt and grime will not build up so quickly.  Regular cleaning makes every cleaning a breeze and will probably be much more cost effective.

  • A Clean Roof Looks Better

If your roof is maintained to a high standard, it shows your customers that you have attention to detail.  It also shows them that you care about your business as well as what your customers think about your business.  Your customers will see how clean your roof is (particularly if it is visible from the street level) and will instantly have more respect for you as someone that they want to do business with.

There are plenty of great reasons to maintain your factory roof.  Keeping it clean is one of the best ways to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible into the future.  Caring for your roof is simple if you have regular maintenance done to it with the right professionals.  If you are wondering about the condition of your roof, it is a great idea to contact a roofing professional immediately to set up a time for them to come and inspect your roof.  The sooner that you have the roof inspected and cleaned, the better.   If you are concerned about cost, you can always request an estimate on the work product before work commences.  Remember that work done now is an investment in the life of your roof.

Pergola roof before Pergola roof after

Tile Roof Before-Mooloolaba Tile Roof After-Mooloolaba

Mountain Creek Tile Roof-Before Mountain-Creek Tile Roof -After





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