Every car needs regular servicing to keep in running at optimum performance and to help reduce the likelihood of costly repairs down the track. Both new and older cars alike need regular TLC. In this car servicing guide we’ll be looking at the reasons why you should get your car serviced and how often, what’s involved in a car service, and even how to go about choosing the very best mechanic to look after you and your car.

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Why should I get my car serviced regularly?

Why should I get my car serviced when under warranty?
How often should I get my car serviced?
What’s involved in a car service?
What tips do I need for finding the right mechanic?
Should I just service my own car?
What can I do myself between services?
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Why Your Car Needs Regular Servicing

Just about everything needs maintenance to keep it in good condition or performing at its best. Regular maintenance is even more vital for your car for a number of reasons.

For starters, depending on the type of service you book in for, it will improve safety, and that’s paramount. During a full service the mechanic is likely to spot anything that needs attention or is on the verge of breaking down.

Servicing your vehicle on a consistent basis can even help you save money by improving things like fuel economy, and potentially saving you from costly repairs such as a worn or seized motor. It’s a preventative measure more than anything else.

Auto servicing also increases your vehicle’s life expectancy, and will even help it maintain a high resale value, which is definitely the case with newer model vehicles.

Servicing Under Warranty

Another very important point to consider with new or near new cars is the manufacturer’s warranty. You can void this warranty if you fail to have the vehicle serviced at the designated intervals, and if you don’t use a recommended or approved motor mechanic to carry out the service.

How Often Does a Car Need To Be Serviced?

There is no hard and fast rule, but as a general guide you should book in for a service every 10,000km to 15,000km.

This can all vary depending on the make and model, the age of the car, and how the car is driven or treated.

Some people are hard on cars, they drive them hard. Others might only take a lot of shorts trips, which means the vehicle never really gets up to full operating temperature. This can place extra stress on the car’s engine and parts.

A lot of city driving means lots of stops and starts, sitting idling in heavy traffic, dust and so on. This is actually harder on a vehicle than a lot of continuous, open road driving.

To know what’s best for your car and circumstances, have a chat with your mechanic and work out the best schedule to suit your needs and your car.

What’s Involved In a Car Service?

This all depends on the service you want, and each workshop will have slight variations on what they offer for the price.

A very basic service often only includes an oil change and a new oil filter fitted. Possibly fluid levels topped up and a basic safety check.

When you opt for a full service – which is definitely recommended – you’ll receive the works. It will include things like:

  • Oil change and filter change
  • All fluids topped up or replaced
  • Braking system check
  • Visual inspection of the battery
  • Tyre check
  • Examination of the vehicle’s body and chassis
  • Examination of exhaust system
  • Check of the vehicle’s steering
  • Transmission and gearbox check
  • All lights and indicators checked and bulbs replaced if blown
  • Visual examination of engine components
  • Windscreen wiper check
  • Plugs and leads tested/replaced (if applicable)
  • Vehicle test drive
  • And more…

Not everything is done on every major service, as it depends on how often you get your car serviced as to what will be required, or if something isn’t working.

whats involved in getting a car service.png

Tips for Finding the Right Mechanic

Ideally you want to find a mechanic who looks after you. This includes doing thorough work, being honest, and charging fair prices.

A reputable mechanic will always talk to you first before going ahead with any extra work so there are no nasty surprises when you get the bill.

One of the very best ways to find a decent auto mechanic is through a personal recommendation. Do you know someone who regularly uses a mechanic? Have you decided on a few and looked online for feedback about them and their business reputation?

Going online to do some research on mechanics in your area will help you get a better idea of who is good to deal with and who isn’t.

If you’ve never used a certain mechanic before, maybe book them in for a basic service first (or a minor repair job) and just see what they’re like. If all goes well, then try them out on a full service the next time.

Should You Service Your Own Car?

Unless you’re a qualified motor mechanic, then you’re best off leaving your car servicing in the hands of trained professionals. They’ll know what to look out for and pick up on things most drivers would likely miss.

Why take any risks doing it yourself just to save a few dollars? Those few dollars you might save today could cost you a lot more down the track in the event of a breakdown that could have been avoided if a mechanic had serviced your car.

What You Can Do Between Car Services

Now while it’s not recommended you do your own full car servicing, there are definitely things you should do yourself between visits to your trusted mechanic.

These include things like:

  • Checking oil levels
  • Making sure coolant is topped up
  • Checking other fluids – power steering, ATF, brake fluid, washer fluid, battery
  • Checking that all lights, brake lights and indicators are working
  • Maintaining recommended tyre pressure
  • Taking note of dashboard indicator lights
  • Visual inspection of tyre tread
  • General inspection of body and engine bay

what can you do between car services

The Takeaway

Regular professional car servicing is a must to ensure both the safety and reliability of your vehicle. The more you look after your car, the better it will look after you and give you many years of dependable service, as well as being a pleasure to drive.

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